The energy of modernity


From the major thoroughfares lined with palm trees and tall office buildings to the Atlantic Ocean and its view on the world, Casablanca is Morocco’s economic powerhouse. This vibrant city is always on the qui vive.


Modern constructions blend with charming neighborhoods that reflect Arabic-Islamic heritage and the traces of the city’s colonial period. Take the time to explore its subtleties. Walk through the medina – oneof the most recent in Morocco. Stroll through downtown to admire the Art Deco buildings and visit the Hassan II Mosque.



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Further into the city, the stalls of the El Had Bazaar wend their way through the streets, with over 6,000 boutiques to arouse your curiosity and where you can practice a little haggling with the traders while strolling through the vibrant atmosphere. The city never sleeps and every summer hosts the Timitar festival dedicated to world music, and in particular Amazigh music.

Open to the ocean and the world, Agadir is an energetic city in which to relax.

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