Benslimane the green

Benslimane - Morocco’s ripening land.

In 1880, French winegrowers immigrated to Benslimane, the land that saved them from the grapevine destroying pest, phylloxera. Morocco’s fertile lands and accommodating soil helped winegrowers save their industry and allowed their businesses to continue. Locals were ecstatic to have new visitors, as they helped the French winegrowers cultivate Benslimane’s land.

40 million bottles of Moroccan wine is supplied each year, and the industry employs about 10,000 people - the end result is to die for! The Atlas Mountains, 2000 feet into the sky, serves as a home for many vineyards. Thalvin, in association with local landowners in Rommani, has utilised the abundance of black soil in the region to their advantage. Grapes are handpicked in order to ensure quality, with a major emphasis on growing them organically. Without having to use ‘weed-killers’, or herbicide, the yield is often ripe, fresh, and of high quality. 

Gaining insight into the wine industry in Morocco will ameliorate your wine experience. Study the history of wine in Morocco, before you pop and pour!

Facing the raging, random ocean of the Atlantic, Ouled Thaleb Estate is approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Casablanca. It is considered as one of the best regions for making wine in Morocco. By using specific types of soil, and a myriad of cultivating techniques, they’re able to produce high-quality wine, while offering a panoramic view of the mesmerising Atlantic Ocean.

It is safe to say that Moroccan wine has made it beyond the Atlantic. Field experts, farmers, and oenologists are making sure that Moroccan wine is produced at the highest quality possible. Thalvin terroirs are supplied to the rest of the world, thanks to affectionate wine-growers and Morocco’s fertile lands.

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