Jewish Heritage


If you picture Marrakech, but smaller, you’ll be picturing Taroudant - a gorgeous city in the Souss valley south of Morocco. Before Marrakech was the capital of Morocco, Taroudant filled the vacant spot for a brief time. Taroudant’s fame comes from its local talent and crafts, as well as signature carpets and gorgeous jewellery. When heading to Ouarzazate, locate a city that’s situated east of Agadir, and enjoy a couple of hearty hours roaming Taroudan’ts heritage.

Arazan synagogue

Near Taroudant, you’ll find a small village, called Arazan. In the early 80s, it was rediscovered and taken care of by a Berber citizen who had kept the keys for tens of years. The synagogue’s interior is carved in Hebrew inscriptions and ancient scrolls that come from the Torah.

The stories are yet to be discovered, and it’s up to every proud Jewish, Moroccan, and history buff to unfold the mysteries.

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