Moroccan adventure

Morocco is a haven for adventurers, in all shapes, sizes, and preferences. Its golden desert makes for an accommodating venue for long camel treks and calm walks in its vast lands, as much as it makes for the ultimate setting for quad-biking and sandboarding. You can choose to either calm your soul and enjoy the sunset’s beaming light or to shred the desert and roam its wide lands using a 4x4 vehicle. 

The Atlas and Rif Mountains are perfect for hikes and long climbs along the mountains. At times, when it snows, you may enjoy skiing through the mountains before relaxing at a cosy hut with a glass of mint tea by your side. 

For those who are eager to take their adventures to the skies will certainly appreciate parachuting, paragliding, and calm hot air balloon rides across Morocco’s plains. 

The sea also provides opportune waves for surfers and sea lovers. You may also partake in a slow-paced stroll on a kayak or raft.

No matter how you like your adventures, Morocco, with its endless adventurous possibilities, will gratify your expectations.

Art Gallery

Morocco’s renowned painters

Those who are fond of art will appreciate the opportunity to visit Moroccan galleries and art museums. There are a plethora of contemporary galleries that boast amazing artworks. A visit to one of these galleries can be organized, as well as private workshops, where you can personally meet with renowned Moroccan artists; painters, potters, and vibrant carpet makers.

Ceramic workshops

Ceramic workshops

The art of pottery is huge in Morocco. If you’ve ever been to Morocco, you must’ve noticed colourful displays of pottery along the streets. Some businesses buy them with the intention of re-selling, while others make their own.

There are workshops in Morocco that teach the art of pottery. Some of them have been around for over 500 years. The techniques used are purposefully the same. Nothing has changed, from the materials used to the rotation technique. Generations came and went, and the workshops are still the same. 

Few traditional factories teach the wonderous, traditional art of clay with the help of qualified artisan potters.

Community insight

Live the Moroccan experience

Morocco is known for its hospitable and friendly locals, especially in the Atlas regions. Berber and Fassi families are two of the most accommodating in Morocco. You may visit these families and indulge in local activities.

It is said that “the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach”, while that might be debatable, it’s certainly the case for Moroccans - both women and men. Interact with these families and live Morocco’s reputable hospitality.


Majorelle Garden

The French painter, Jacque Majorelle, dedicated forty of his precious years to create Majorelle Garden. Named after the late painter, Jardin Majorelle is located in the centre of the “Ochre City”. 

The garden unfurls many stories and spreads out a joyous vibe that captivates anyone who enters its vibrant, colourful garden. Enormous earthen walls separate the garden from the city’s noise and busy streets, in order to seclude it from anything that might disturb its peaceful atmosphere.

The chirping birds within the garden also increase its overall charm. It’s like walking into a sanctuary with Moorish buildings - hinted with Art Deco. The colour of choice is heavily influenced by the Atlas Mountains, and we’re certain that you’ll connect the same dots when you gaze into the wild blue yonder from Majorelle’s garden.

Henna tattoo

Henna tattoo

Henna is a type of plant, found in the Mediterranean area. After the leaves are picked, they’re milled to powder and mixed with water; resulting in pasty Henna.

It has been used in ceremonies, weddings, births, and celebratory occasions since it first entered Morocco, and it’s still a huge part of Morocco. It is believed that Henna can protect you from the evil eye and guard you against misfortunes. 

Tourists tend to like the artistic patterns of Henna artists. The latter can be found throughout Morocco, each with a specific way of designing.

Instagram expedition

A traditional photoshoot

The era of taking your pictures by yourself is long gone. One could do that for purposes of memory-keeping but in order to effectively and culturally embellish your online profile, you’re going to need a professional photographer. 

Morocco is a land with picturesque landscapes and gorgeous nature. Your trip will be more rewarding with professionally-taken pictures of you, with Morocco’s inherent beauty as a backdrop.

The cultural side of Morocco also makes picture-taking a lot more amusing, and frankly, very artistic. The mosaic tiles and the traditional way of carvings have transformed Morocco’s buildings' works of art. 

Professional photographers have their go-to places for stunning pictures, and their savviness of photography will surely make your pictures look like you’ve taken them at a studio.

Marrakech over water

Sophisticated water channelling systems

The water museum in Marrakech boasts a wide display of sophisticated water channelling and filtration systems. Most of them have been used, or are still in use, by many Moroccan households, government buildings, and landmarks.

Discover the Khettara, the Nafoura, and see a live demonstration of how these devices are operated. Learning about the legends and mysteries of Marrakech’s landmarks is surely to be exciting. There are entrance fees to these museums, and they’re often reduced in price if you’re in a group of 10 or more.

Rally raid expedition

Become a rally-car driver

As Moroccans, we appreciate the tremendous attention that our country gets from different people and interests. The foodies have Marrakech’s antique cuisine, the history buffs have Volubilis, and now, adventurers have rally expeditions. 

You may partake in a rally-raid through Morocco’s stunning landscapes. You may join as a pilot and race your automatic-gearbox buggy, or as a co-pilot, where you get to enjoy your ride without the stress of driving. Both positions award a tremendous feeling, it all depends on which you prefer.

Participants will be staying at luxurious camps and lunch on luxurious Moroccan feasts, all while being surrounded by nothing except the desert’s golden sands and Morocco’s sweet breeze.


The Grand Scheme of things

The feeling you get when you gaze into the Sahara’s starlit skies is incomparable. The desert, the stars, and the moon all work in unison to form a shining masterpiece.

Every single desert tour includes a session of stargazing. And on the off chance that it doesn’t, people who spend the night in a desert tend to realise the appeal and do so without any sort of plan.

Gazing into the skies and discovering the unending space will make you feel more in touch with yourself, your senses, your surroundings, and the universe. Stargazing in the desert remains to be the most calming experience in Morocco.


Hammam like our ancestors

Hammams have been around Morocco for quite some time. An authentic Moroccan Hammam is a weekly tradition nowadays for most Moroccans. Many describe the feeling of going to a Hammam as ‘exonerating’. Mothers take their daughters, and Fathers take their sons, each week, for a hot, steamy session of traditional Moroccan bathing.

Over time, the culture of Hammams has spread to the Arab world and parts of Eurasia. Entrepreneurs realised this and started profiting from this industry. Morocco’s version, however, hasn’t changed. 

The royals had to partake in this tradition, too, and it is safe to say that their rituals are different - royally different.

There are many luxury Hammams and Spas in Morocco. Experiencing a lavish bathing session will make you feel like you belong. A serene, steam place, with the calming sound of running water, is definitely something that’ll serve as a delight to the senses. 

If you’re going to a traditional Moroccan Hammam, you’ll need 10 dirhams and a handful of black soap; it detoxes your body and makes you feel nourished. The luxurious ones, however, may cost a little more, but the experience you’re going to get out of it is certainly worth the money.

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