Fes’ most delicious, and holy aspects.

The epitome of exotic cuisine. Morocco is renowned for its diverse methods of cooking. Almost every culinary artist appreciates Morocco’s antique, and savory cuisine. 

By compiling many cooking traditions; from Berbes, Spaniards, and Jewish culture, Moroccan cuisine revolutionized cooking. And thanks to its fortunate abundance of cultures, Morocco is able to create a unique, yet common to the tongue, recipes that’ll induce joy into your taste buds. In addition to Berbers, Spaniards, and the Jewish culture, Morocco’s cuisine is symbolized by its signature touch - spices.

Uncommon to foreigners, Fes makes one of the best cities to visit for a culinary adventure. A mix of sweet and savory will change your taste buds in a tasteful way. 

Experience Fes’ exotic, snail-shack filled paths, and numerous candlelit riad courtyards. You’ll notice a pervading smell of spices and food fly through the airs of Fes.

It is wise to let your senses navigate you. Walk towards what seems delicious and adventurous, and leave whenever you’re disinterested. Act like a local, and feel like one. An authentic local experience in Fes is incomparable - you’ll be within Morocco’s most sophisticated and artistic.


Early definitions of Morocco

Marrakech now symbolises many different aspects. Those who enjoy the enthralling and ecstatic atmosphere of dance clubs and high-end rooftop bars will appreciate its lively and young appeal. And history buffs who pay meticulous attention to detail will rejoice in Marrakech’s findings and heritage.

In addition to its mesmerising history and clubs, people who are interested in spending a simple night out will also come to the same realisation - Marrakech is the best Moroccan country. Spend your evening exploring Morocco’s former execution square - Jemaa-El-Fna. With a harrowing, and enticing background, Marrakech’s most lively square will make you recognize an authentic Moroccan experience. 

Finding inspiration within its busy pathways is evident. Taste the food and join in the chatter with the crowds as you watch an acrobat entertain his audience. Engage, mingle, and experience the true magic of Marrakech.

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