Africa divided into two

The Sahara is the largest desert in the world. It goes through numerous countries and divides Africa into two parts. The Sahara is truly a serene place. 

Your preferred type of travelling does not matter. Whether you’re into long and relaxing walks along the desert’s golden sands, or you’re longing for an adrenaline rush awarded by operating quad-bikes, the Sahara will gratify your expectations.

The Sahara’s starry night will infuse your heart with delight, and its shifting wind-sculpted dunes rise to make the greatest challenged. Enjoying the desert’s dramatic landscapes, along with a loved one, will forever be embedded in your mind - and a camel ruminating as you sit beneath the starlit skies is such a rejuvenating memory to have.

When you’re roaming the Sahara on your camel, you’ll notice numerous fortified villages. These are inhabited by Berbers who haven’t got tired of their ancestors’  traditions and way of life. You see women dressed in pretty colours and shining jewellery - while they’re doing farm work.

Being secluded from the world is such an empowering experience. You become more in touch with your senses, and your soul cleanses itself of everything toxic. No wonder the Berbers love their lives in the Sahara, despite the sometimes extremely harsh conditions.

Merzouga’s sand dunes

55 kilometres away from Erfoud, you’ll find Merzouga. A small village with the warmest temperature, and the kindest people. Merzouga is renowned for its closeness to Erg Chebbi sand dunes. It also happens to have the largest natural underground body of water in Morocco.

During summer, tourists tend to enjoy one of Merzouga’s most favoured activities - being buried neck-deep in the scorching, healing sand of Merzouga. Those suffering from rheumatism will need to take these in sessions of minutes, and they’ll be gradually cured of the disease. 

Merzouga is the largest of its kind in Africa and the hottest desert in the world.

Erg Chebbi sand dunes

The Erg Chebbi sand dunes reach 150 meters in height and spread across 50 kilometres. There are two Saharan Ergs, this one, and another near M’hamid called Erg Chigaga.Erfoud is the nearest town - about 60 kilometres to the north. Rissani is located 40  kilometres away, but it’s not as sizeable as Erfoud. A whole kingdom existed within those limits during the 8th-century, called Sijilmassa. The latter had seen steady prosperity thanks to busy caravan routes that helped the kingdom’s economy.

Gold and blue

The Touareg people are a Berber ethnic confederation. Originally inhabiting Northern Africa, Touareg people are considered to be influential in spreading the message of Islam through Africa.

Semi-nomadic, blue attired people that have chosen the Sahara to be their eternal homeland - and they’ve got every reason to. The Touareg people are also thought to be direct descendants of the Berber autochthones of North Africa. Their music is haunting, their food is delicious, and their land is every Moroccan’s desire

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