Hammam like our ancestors

Hammams have been around Morocco for quite some time. An authentic Moroccan Hammam is a weekly tradition nowadays for most Moroccans. Many describe the feeling of going to a Hammam as ‘exonerating’. Mothers take their daughters, and Fathers take their sons, each week, for a hot, steamy session of traditional Moroccan bathing.

Over time, the culture of Hammams has spread to the Arab world and parts of Eurasia. Entrepreneurs realised this and started profiting from this industry. Morocco’s version, however, hasn’t changed. 

The royals had to partake in this tradition, too, and it is safe to say that their rituals are different - royally different.

There are many luxury Hammams and Spas in Morocco. Experiencing a lavish bathing session will make you feel like you belong. A serene, steam place, with the calming sound of running water, is definitely something that’ll serve as a delight to the senses. 

If you’re going to a traditional Moroccan Hammam, you’ll need 10 dirhams and a handful of black soap; it detoxes your body and makes you feel nourished. The luxurious ones, however, may cost a little more, but the experience you’re going to get out of it is certainly worth the money.

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