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Here are our polished and carefully devised steps to begin your journey in Morocco

For starters, you’ll get the elegant feel of our inspirational articles. Review our website at ease. Take a stroll through our destinations, themes and preview our experiences. Settle on the one that matches your style and contact us.

Reaching out to us by phone is the best choice. That way, we’ll be able to communicate effectively and construct a perfectly clear image of what you’re looking to experience in Marrakech or Morocco.

You can either call us at +212 660 305 536 or contact one of our representatives via email: [email protected] Alternatively, you may fill the inquiry form and simply let us know how we can help you.

After Travel Design receives your enquiry; either by phone, email, or web, one of our representatives will forward you to our design team. A journey, based on your travel dates, interests, ‘unlisted’ style, if any, and the number of people travelling alongside you, will be created from ground zero - maximising the potential of a magically binding outcome.

Travel Design will send you a copy of your itinerary in full-colour. Read through it, consult, contemplate, and decide if the journey sheet matches your preferences. Please make sure to let us know of what should be increased, what should be totally omitted, and should be added.

One of Travel Design’s representatives will be expecting you upon your arrival at your first destination. They will provide you with the necessary documentation, as well as ensure all is as harmonious as it can be - throughout your stay.

Since continued success is a process rather than an end-point, one of our Travel Design representatives will send you a ‘feedback form’. We appreciate your voice and your overall feedback on your experience with Marrakech, Morocco, or us specifically. We’ll apply the gathered data to further ameliorate our services - leaving you with a jubilant journey.

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