Event story

Our goal is to come up with a culturally rich and full of excitement trip for a lively and adventurous incentive group.

On our first day after an early and delicious breakfast, we took the clients to the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains for a 4×4 excursion.

The group was then set off to explore the area while enjoying the off-road experience and pass gorgeous villages, the group stopped and enjoyed Moroccan mint tea wit the locals overlooking an amazing scenery.

After settling for some time at the Terres D’Amana, a place that captures Africa’s adventurous vibe. At this amazing park, some exiting activities were selected such as zip lines and crossing footbridges. The group was challenged both mentally and physically and this only strengthens a person and it certainly made the group communicate better and appreciate working in a team.

Everybody’s favourite part came up at this point where the group was served some delicious Moroccan food by the poolside in the hills after an exciting game of the totally original Donkey Polo!

The evening had a spending beginning with the group being escorted by a horse carriage to Marrakech’s pride when it comes to extraordinary venues, Palais Soleiman. This magical 19th-century mansion will leave you baffled and in a happy awe, the surroundings are just hauntingly beautiful. The spacious country yard is covered by a retractable roof for chill evenings and luxurious tables scattered all around the space. The food was of course traditional Moroccan cuisine, and honestly thats one of the reasons people visit Morocco.

The day after, the clients met up with a local and knowledgeable tour guide that led them through the amazing Moroccan souks to browse an shop at their ease and acquire some magnificent carpets and jewellery, and even spices.

The restaurants in Marrakech are known for their party mood, and this is the first sight our guests have seen when entering the Had Mahal restaurant. The belly dancers and the party atmosphere captured the guests attention and the fire eaters added that special Marrakech cherry on top. This evening was forever memorable for the guests. After a hefty dinner the guests were escorted to Africa’s largest nightclub where the VIP area was reserved especially for them.

Two options were suggested to the guests to further experience Morocco and to give different amusing options.

The first amusing option was one set in the early morning, minutes before the sunrise, the guests were driven to the launch site of air balloons. The balloon was previously inflated and fully prepared for the guests to enjoy. Exploring the Moroccan skies in itself is a different Moroccan experience, having the opportunity to view a gorgeous city from above is spiritually calming and definitely boosts your morale.

The breakfast is served on the ground, with delicious Moroccan mint tea and freshly baked bread dipped in Moroccan olive oil. This is genuinely a magnificent experience.

Amusing option number two is to indulge in a helicopter adventure that offers a whole new perspective for the guests for one long hour flying around Morocco’s highest mountain, Mont Toubkal. The views that the guests capture and beautiful and remained in their photo collection forever.

The rest of the day will be spent at leisure where the group is allowed to enjoy the hotel’s various facilities, mend to their hangovers and get spa treatments to get a better and a relaxing mood or wander away into the gorgeous medina to browse or shop at the traditional Souks.

The final night dinner was held as a private party in the middle of palm groves in Marrakech. With traditional tents equipped with numerous themes that create a truly wonderful atmosphere, surrounded by bonfires and under the starlit skies.

The last morning was aimed towards having a relaxed last day and capture the essence of Marrakech in your last day before heading for the airport to their private vehicles.

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