Jewish Heritage

Morocco’s rich cultural diversity is reflected in its historic vantage point as a gateway to Europe and the world. At one point in its history, Morocco was previously home to almost 300,000 Jews, and there are many Moroccans who continue to clasp their Judeo-Moroccan inheritance. Our Jewish inheritance tours offer a unique opportunity for a striking cultural tour, allowing you to discover an important part of the traditions, Moroccan history, and philosophy of the Jewish public in Morocco.

This tour provides a fascinating insight into nearly thousands of years of Jewish history in Morocco, with much more to propose than just the typical imperial city tours. You’ll have the chance to explore historic synagogues, vibrant markets, holy Jewish temples, Andalusian gardens, stunning landscapes, Mellahs (Jewish quarters), and a visit to the well-known Jewish Museum the only one of its type in the African and Arab world. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste Moroccan Jewish cuisine and enjoy Kosher food options.

Our Jewish heritage tours are tailored to provide a convenient and comfortable experience for our guests. We have handpicked hotels and sites that offer top-notch services and amenities, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and memorable. In addition, our local knowledgeable experts in Moroccan Jewish history will provide companionship and guidance throughout the tour, enriching your understanding and appreciation of this fascinating aspect of Moroccan culture.


March to June, Sept to Nov


3Hrs 30Mins from London 10Hrs from NYC


Marrakech Departure


13 Nights

What to Expect

  • Visit Neve Chalom and EmHabanim Synagogue
  • Visit Shrine Beth-El Synagogue
  • Participate in Shabbat Services in the Fes
  • Rabbi Ettedegui Synaguogue visit
  • Discover the Gallery of Moroccan Judaism
  • Go to Rabbi Ibn Danane
  • Enjoy a visit to the small village that was once the home of the Ancient City and the Jews in the Anti-Atlas region.
  • Experience a meaningful encounter with the vibrant Jewish community of Morocco
  • Discover the enchanting Mellah of Marrakech, where you can go to the spice bazaar and the bustling gold trade.
  • In Essaouira go to Haim Pinto Synagogue
  • Visit the cemetery of Rabbi Hanania Hacohen
  • Discover the annual Jewish pilgrimage site and pay a visit to the tomb of Rabbi Abraham in Safi.