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Amine El Ouazzani

Founder & managing director

Amine implemented his academic yield into his passion; which resulted in the fruition of Travel Design. Since he first founded the company back in 2009, Amine was keen on introducing Morocco, specifically his hometown; Marrakech, to the cultured, virtuous, and academic.

Amine’s diligence led him to work within the Andalusian Tourism Industry; where he guided people through the culture and heritage of Andalusia and its mesmerizing history.

The accumulation of different cultures with a unified purpose-made Amine able to harness such vigorous passion. Upon achieving his goals abroad, Amine returned to his original fount of passion – Morocco. And thanks to the country’s royal appeal, he has realized new attainments within the luxurious, high-end field.

Amine had fulfilled his enthusiastic, professional side and was ready to undertake his next endeavor. After reaching his intended audience, he branched out and switched his mortarboard with an “I love Marrakech” hat and went on to introduce Morocco in a chipper, lively, and environmental way. 

Amine’s passion expanded to a point where he consolidated the adventurous, the academic, and modern technology. Such accumulation allowed him to create cultural and luxurious events with a lively, local touch while emphasizing the vital role of the environment in Morocco. Travel Design curates incentives, meetings, weddings, tours, and everything in between, all while encouraging its guests to take interest in eco-tourism.

One year through rewarding, eco-friendly and constructive adventures, Amine decided that it was time to give back to the one thing that helped shape who he is – Marrakech. He became an assiduous member of the Bureau of Marrakech Tourism Board; during which challenges arose, and hurdles were overcome. 

Marrakech has given Amine a lot. In return, every tour, throughout Morocco, contributes a portion of the revenue to a charity for handicapped women. This allocation is a symbol of adoration and deep appreciation to Morocco, its women, and its glorious impact.

Aicha Jalal

Operations Manager

I'm the operations manager for Travel Design in Morocco. We're based in Marrakech, Morocco's red city. I began my journey in the tourism realm back in 2009. And I was always the one selected to manage high-end clients — mainly from the United States. To me, tourism isn't a day job. It's a way of life. A routine that I got used to since I was but a child. A passion that's evergrowing since I could remember. My heart was filled with glee & delight whenever I made a client smile.

The secret: try to have a good time—as if I'm touring with a loved one.

My love for travel goes far beyond sightseeing or hotel room booking; it is the experience my clients get that makes me appreciate my work. And as I always say, when in Morocco, forget about the ordinary.

Asmaae El Khoudri

Key accounts Manager

Assmae was born in the Northern part of Morocco. Deep inside, she knew that Morocco has to be exposed to other cultures. With Tangier as the example of a melting pot of cultures, Asmaae set out to attract various clients from all over the world.

Her guests were always ecstatic to be in Morocco, especially with Assmae on their side. Her wit, know-how, and friendly spirit demonstrate Morocco’s jubilant side.

Inas Zemman

Travel Designer

Daughter of an artist, and heiress to the most magnificent shop in Chefchaouen. Inas brings her combination of artistic talents to court her clients - it has never failed.

A holiday planned by Inas is a holiday in heaven. By meticulously going through her clients’ preferences and style, she’s able to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that brighten their year. Whether you’re interested in arts and culture, ancient heritage and monuments, or you’re in the market for a luxurious Caftan, Inas will lead you right to the place.

Kamal Redouani

Travel Designer

Kamal is the magician of the team. With a handful of resources, the quickest mind in Marrakech, and a very insightful personality, Kamal will intuit our clients’ needs and serve them, as he so eloquently puts it, “what they do not know they need.”

Nobody thought about a mini-Oktoberfest in the desert until he pulled it out of his brilliant mind. His ideas are eccentric, adventurous and full of life. Just what people need while they’re in Morocco.

Amine B

Web Manager

Amine is responsible for displaying our passion in the form of pixels through the ether - and he does it beautifully. It is seldom when a company stumbles upon such a valuable asset. Having the company’s image demonstrated in the most gorgeous and responsive website is surely a plus.

He’s also responsible for the user experience and makes sure that all functions do work properly. Being reachable, quite easily, through multiple channels keeps us closer to our clients and their needs.

Youssef Afdis

IT responsible

In order to reach out to people, we have to maintain an online presence. And that’s what makes Youssef our pilot when it comes to portraying Morocco online. Youssef had his masters in computer sciences and was overwhelmed to work within this industry. Sharing the same passion with everyone else in the office, Youssef is doing his job stellarly. By incorporating his profession with our concept, we’re able succinctly spread Morocco’s joyous atmosphere. With no intention to switch industries anytime soon, Youssef is working hard to spread our message through the ether. Kanay Hanan Running a profitable business requires a decent knowledge of the law. Running a Moroccan company that aims to guide visitors online and in person, however, requires a whole department.

Hamid Lesfer

Private tour guide

Knowledgeable doesn’t cut it. Hamid is a visionary, a historian, a man of unique and eerie taste. The depths of Morocco will be shown to you. With Hamid, you’ll experience Morocco like never before. Its secrets, myths, and enormous mysteries will all unfold before you.

Kanay Hanan

Legal department

Hanan Kanay is our all-things-law leader. After studying industrial law in a university in France, Hanan became a part Travel Design, diligently leading through legal matters, and keeping our company within its limits. She’s vital for keeping our transparent maxim embedded in our team’s mind.

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