Why choose us?

Six reasons to book your luxury holidays with us

Achieving, illustrious, and perceptive reasons that make us stand out!

Glorious years, one perennial goal, and countless smiles. You’ll relish in Morocco’s genuineness, served on a golden platter. Although it takes a shred of authentic Moroccan experience to sway one towards Morocco – we’ve got six more reasons.

Fully tailored from top to tail

Everything revolves around you.

Delight in the desert’s nourishing affinity and become one with its sands. Your journey to Morocco will be tailored to your taste, and Travel Design will gratify your expectations. Your fondness of Morocco will be rewarded with a detailed journey through Morocco’s most lavish. Your style, preferred method of transportation, and favorite wine are all accounted for. Roam within Marrakech’s vast squares like royalty, yours remains to wish, while ours is to do.

Leaders in luxury

We’re on a pedestal.

Our ten years in the business has awarded us with great insight. The ins and outs of Morocco and Marrakech have been embedded in our minds since the first years. From there onwards, our task wasn’t to cater to something habitual but to overcome the triviality and curate something wonderous. Our significance in tourism, The desert, and generally Morocco, has been unparalleled for over ten years - here’s for ten more!

Award-winning Moroccan luxury

Recognized by excellency

We stake our company’s reputation each time we’re on a tour. Creating a journey through Marrakech has to be flawless, or else we’re not the superlative, Morocco experts our clients take us for. Excellency, always, serves as the end goal for each outing in Morocco’s vast lands.

The VIP treatment

Experience the country of the eminent.

To us, loyalty is extended in both ways. We’re loyal to our providers as long as the quality isn’t compromised. Thanks to our shared passion for Moroccan culture, Marrakech sands, and our mutual trait of strong will, we’ve been with our partners since we first established. And that bestows upon us the opportunity to reward our guests with exclusive tours, shows, and romantic outings.

Authentic and responsible travel experiences

Reliable, carbon-neutral, and authentic.

Morocco’s inherent beauty means a great deal to Moroccans and foreigners alike. To squander that merely for means of amusement isn’t beneficial to anyone, least of all our culture. 

Making a 100% carbon-neutral trip has been a determination of ours since the beginning. It is only with us with whom you’ll experience Moroccan authenticity without besmirching ancient traditions. We pay attention because we care. And we care because it’s part of us.

The tailor exclusives

Travel Design exclusives

One of the perks of being the leading company is to be able to provide our guests with exclusives. Nothing ordinary will be taking place when you’re in Morocco. Limited and private journeys that are centered around Morocco’s true essence, and boastful trips along on of the world’s most cherished. You’ll experience Morocco from the perspective of a renowned artist!

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