Our corporate social responsibility processes

One of our aims is to make a positive impact upon the local community of the Atlas Mountains and enhance the environment for a better future, we are carrying ideas towards the corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation projects.

A non-profit association with the following objectives :

  • Promoting the school program in the area
  • Participating in the improvement of the infrastructure
  • Participating in the development of agriculture in the area
  • Sensitising and mobilising the young and rural women of the area
  • Sensitising with the safeguarding of the natural resources. To develop the Douar.
  • Improving the rural women’s way of life by fighting illiteracy
  • To level establishments of pre-school.
  • To take part in the development of the douars of the area

Our main aim is to create an active group to participate in one of these associations. Local projects that will definitely bring a huge improvement to the locals. We have various projects that are waiting to be integrated to an excursion. These ideas will not only help the locals but will also give the participants a sense of fulfilment and bring joy to less fortunate humans.

Our project ideas :

  1. Rubbish clearance
  2. Building a community bath house (hammer)
  3. Planting trees in local villages
  4. Help build a school in a remote village
  5. Renovate school buildings and paint them
  6. Mark a path for the mules in order to assist villagers to bring water and lessen a huge burden.
  7. Build benches and seats with stones and cement in the local schoolyard.

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