Passions, opinions, and remembrance.

United Kindom - A group of friends

Totally amazing. We always knew Morocco had a luxurious side to it, we just never thought it was this posh. We loved every single bit of our journey. The riads were superb. And we loved our surprise picnic in the outskirts. Nobody does luxurious better. Thank you for a great week. Cheers.

United States - Honeymooners

The epitome of intimacy. To be secluded, in the middle of nowhere, and still feel like you’re at a personal castle was thought to only be a part of dreams. We both had a wonderful time in Marrakech, especially our two nights in the desert. We’re deciding on a second honeymoon, and we’ve got Essaouira in mind!

The Netherlands - A couple

Our time in Morocco was simply wonderful. Learning this much about the culture while still maintaining a certain level of luxury has definitely made Morocco more appealing. After countless hours of deciding, we finally settled on Morocco, and Travel Design. Thank you for a memorable time, and amazing culture.

Canada - Family

Travel Design’s team helped us throughout the way. The whole journey was a walk in the park. The guides are knowledgeable, the drivers are professional, and the chefs are magicians. We loved our time in Morocco and driving around high cliffs and mountains. It is not always that you get to experience the ancient heritage and innate luxury.

Australia - Incentive program

Thanks to Travel Design, we were able to successfully launch our new system to our employees. As an executive, I am relieved that the only thing I had to think about was the sentiment towards our new system. The lighting, cameras, stage, and cocktails were all stellarly handled by Travel Design. Thank you for helping us convey our message.

Germany - Art gallery

The annual Augsburg Festival of German Arts is a close tradition to our family and close friends. This year, Marrakech was humble to host us. We had a very pleasant event. Travel Design did a wonderful job of supplying the necessities. The venue, food, and transportation were perfect. A huge thanks to the welcoming hands of Travel Design, and the gorgeous landscapes of Marrakech.

United States - Engagement party

Getting engaged in Morocco was truly magical. The amazing atmosphere of the desert at night with its cool breeze, made us realize that Morocco is the ultimate venue for our wedding next year. Travel Design has been the best, and we’ve decided to let them manage our dream night. Thank you for your wonderful efforts!

France - Brand photoshoot

We owe a great deal to Morocco and its beautiful cities. The landscapes served as amazing backdrops for our photoshoot. And the people were very respectful and kind. Travel Design knows how Marrakech works, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you.

Scotland - Branch meeting

Having our branch meeting at a different country has always been a re-accruing subject. This year, we took the plunge, and we chose Morocco. Needless to say, it was amazing. The services, along with the venue, were tremendous. Travel Design was a great help. It is thanks to them that we were able to conduct our meeting in a lively, professional, and luxuriously-fitting manner.

Spain - 25th wedding anniversary

Every year, my husband and I travel somewhere for our anniversary. Morocco has been on our list for 7 years. And we changed operators often until we went with Travel Design. We think that Morocco and England are the only two places that will be left on our list since we have found our tour operators for life in both countries. We had a magnificent time. Thank you..

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